Why the fuck do I love Marianas Trench this much?! Fuck. I don’t get it. I think its Josh’s voice or something. I DONT FUCKING GET IT!
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Help my sister is obsessing over One Direction and now she wont leave me alone -_-

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Things I wonder about: if you took a newborn child and exposed it to things we consider ugly: spiders, hideous monsters, and tell it that, that is beautiful, will it grow up with that altered sense of beauty? Or are things like that inherently considered unattractive?

probably the most interesting message I received about this


Human civilization is basically people teaching us how to be civilized and us having the capacity to learn. If you don’t teach child how to behave properly he’d act like an “animal”. What we consider stylish today was not 10 years ago. Women’s beauty is now measured by size, the smaller the better and 200 years ago that wasn’t the case. So basically everything we know today is just the perception of a powerful human who force-fed his points of views to others.

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Today I went out without a bra on :) I am fierce! Now I know I can conquer the world
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We dont have electric power and I swear to G I am having a panic attack.
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